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How to Support a Research Programme

Ifri has developed 15 research and debate units on various issues either regional or transversal. In 2008, many ambitious programmes have been launched thanks to the support of our partners; namely the programmes related to Sub-saharian Africa; China; Contemporary Turkey; Relations between EU, Africa and North Africa; India; Health and Environment. We thank you for trusting us.


The support for a research unit is materialized by a grant agreement which bounds Ifri to the donor (corporate body, organism, foundation). This contractual link runs for several years (often 3 to 4 years) and provides for an annual payment at the anniversary date of the agreement or after the handover of a report or a study.

The amount of the donation depends on how important the research programme is. The donation contributes to:


the strengthening of the research teams;
the increase in number of the field missions;

the invitation of experts to seminars organized by the research programme;
the order of policy papers with outside experts intended to help to a better understanding of the issues addressed by the research programme;

the translation into English if possible of all policy papers in order to secure a wider circulation and ensure a better impact on the political and economical decision makers.


For any additional information, please kindly contact the Strategic Development Directorate.


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