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Shipped or piped: can shale gas secure EU supplies ?
Conseil Central de l'Economie - salle 6 - 20 avenue d'Auderghem - Bruxelles - metro Schuman

U.S. policy in the Middle-East: Can disappointment be staved off?

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Research Fellow


Emma Broughton is a Junior Research Fellow at the Center. In this position, she coordinates the "Migrations & employers" programme with Dorothée Prud'homme, and develops a research programme on migration patterns and policies in the BRIMC countries (BRICs + Mexico).


Her research interests lie in migration politics, with a special interest in private sector actors and their role in the elaboration of policies. Most of her research is structured by a comparative interest (UK, United States, Canada).


Emma Broughton holds a Master of Science in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science (2007).

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