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Potomac papers

L'échiquier numérique américain: Quelle place pour l'Europe ?

Olivier SICHEL

Potomac Paper n°20, September 2014

Suffering from the overwhelming presence of U.S. companies in the digital field, Europe is struggling to catch up and develop a competitive market of its own. The new European Commission has pledged to change this dynamic and level the playing...


Homeland, une série de l'ère Obama


Potomac Paper n°21, September 2014

Once widely praised as one of the best shows on television, Homeland will be back for a fourth season starting next week. The show was originally intended as a breaking point with the one-sided and trigger-happy foreign policy of the Bush...


Réduire la taille des portions: Les guerres alimentaires aux Etats-Unis

Laurence NARDON

Potomac Paper n°19, July 2014

The U.S. food industry and fast food chains, with their countless junk food products and ruthless marketing techniques, are certainly a factor in the reluctance some Europeans show on the issue of a new transatlantic trade deal. In the wake of the...


Ohio: la renaissance ?


Potomac Paper n°18, October 2013

Since the early 19th century, the swing state of Ohio has almost always voted for the same presidential candidate as the rest of the country. This is why every four years, politicians and the media pay so much attention to the Buckeye state.Mapped...


La crise idéologique du Parti républicain

Aurélie GODET

Potomac Paper 17, June 2013

The Republican Party's increasingly conservative bent has left it more and more at odds with the countries’ growing minorities. In preparation for the 2016 election, a serious debate on the GOP's stance is now underway between far-right...


États-Unis : Le rôle de l'État dans le soutien à l'innovation

Gabrielle DURANA

Potomac Paper 16, April 2013

Even though the private sector brings more funding to innovation programs, the role government plays by hosting and/or funding research projects remains key. Only the public sector can pursue the long term projects with no foreseeable profitability...


Don't Bank on Change: Finance and regulatory reform in the U.S.


Potomac Paper 15, September 2012

As a number of provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act are entering into force, five years after the beginnings of the financial crisis, Professor Herman Schwartz explains how the U.S. banking community will continue to hurt the interests of the American...


L'irrésistible ascension des mormons américains

Anne-Lorraine BUJON

Potomac Paper 14, July 2012

Mormonism has been making headlines ever since Mitt Romney declared his candidacy to the White House. This 19th century American-born religion puts forth a  set of values that is both original and strong. A better understanding of these values...


Argent et élections aux Etats-Unis: la campagne de 2012


Potomac paper 13, June 2012

Campaign funding in the U.S. follows a number of rules that are complex and often bypassed. These rules have been upset by recent judicial decisions, and the 2012 electoral campaign has seen the rise of unlimited donations. The impact on the...


The Democratic Party Under Obama and Beyond

Nicol C. RAE

Potomac Paper 12, March 2012

The Democratic Party relies today on very different segments of the U.S. electorate, making it impossible for a Democratic President to sustain long-term public support. In the context of the current campaign, Prof. Nicol Rae provides an analysis of...


Is J Street a Passing Phenomenon?

Gilbert N. KAHN

Potomac Paper 11, February 2012

Created in the Fall of 2008, the J Street movement seeks to represent those in the U.S. Jewish community who would like Washington to be more active in supporting a lasting peace in the Middle-East.  According to Professor Gilbert Kahn, while J...


Le conservatisme texan

Laurence NARDON

Potomac Paper 10, January 2012

Texas is the birthplace of a very particular brand of conservatism, shaped by its early history and economic traits. It promotes individualism and limited governement, rigorous moral values, as well as sheer pragmatism on economic issues. Its impact...


U.S. Demographics: the Hispanic Boom


Potomac Paper 9, September 2011

As confirmed by the 2010 Census, Hispanics have become the largest and most dynamic ethnic minority in the United States. While still facing many difficulties, this rather diverse group is undergoing important changes in terms of political...


L' "anti-environnementalisme", nouveau thème des conservateurs américains

Yves-Marie PEREON

Potomac Paper 8, September 2011

Opposing environment protection policies has become a posture de rigueur for U.S. radical conservatives. This theme finds itself at the crossroads of several currents of American conservatism: a distrust of scientific elites, trust in the Manifest...


La Californie en 2011: entre Dynamisme et Entraves

Gabrielle DURANA

Potomac Paper 7, June 2011

California enjoys a strong economy, backed by a strong immigration. Traditionally, this strength was reinforced by consistent investments from Sacramento, allowing for infrastructure development and education policies. In past decades, however, the...


What Now for Obama?


Potomac Paper 6, January 2011

Larry J. Sabato, Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia, provides us with solid historical references and tools of analysis to understand midterms in general and those of 2010 in particular.  He points to the damaging effect of...


Où va l'École américaine?


Potomac Paper 5, October 2010

The Obama administration has set out to reform the secondary school system. The main goal is to bridge the achievement gap between ethnic groups in the country. In line with former efforts, the administration seeks to apply free-markets principles...


‘‘I'm Not a Feminist, But…'', a Comparative Analysis of the Women's Movement in the United States and France

Page Somerville ROBINSON

Potomac Paper 4, September 2010

The emergence of feminist movements over the last centuries provides a fascinating case study of the U.S.-French relationship. Based on regular exchanges et discussions as early as the 18th Century, theorists and activists have shared a growing...


Internet et politique aux Etats-Unis


Potomac Paper 3, June 2010

The growing use of the internet by citizens (blogs, social networks, on-line donations, etc...) certainly impacts the way politics are done in the United States. However, the internet may not be as democratizing a political tool as it seems. The...


Au coeur de l'Amérique ? Le mouvement des Tea Parties

Anne-Lorraine BUJON

Potomac Paper 2, February 2010

Since the beginning of 2009, conservatism in America has morphed into a spontaneous and decentralized form called the Tea Party Movement. Anne-Lorraine Bujon, a distinguished commentator on U.S. policy and society, analyses this new phase in...


A la veille de Copenhague, Obama et l'environnement

Yves-Marie PEREON

Potomac Paper 1, November 2009

On the eve of the Copenhagen Conference, this note takes stock of the evolutions of the different U.S. actors on climate change and the environment. The author, Yves-Marie Péréon teaches American Civilization at the ...


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