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These lunch debates, hosted by the Crédit Mutuel, are exclusively reserved to the collaborators of Ifri's corporate membres. They are the unique occasion to have a dialogue with Ifri's Researchers on a topical issue.




We thank the Crédit Mutuel for its support





January 11, 2012                             

Germany and Europe in the time of crisis: which convergence?
Hans Stark, Researcher, Secretary general of the Study Committee for French-German Relations, Ifri



December 13, 2011                                        

2012, year of all dangers?
Jacques Mistral, Director of Economic Studies, Ifri


November 10, 2011     

One year before the presidential elections: the American political landscape
Laurence Nardon, Senior research fellow, in charge of the United States Program


October 18, 2011         

Turkey facing the Arab Spring: a new regional foundation?
Dorothée Schmid, Research Fellow, in charge of Turkey program


June 30, 2011               

The Russian Elite in search of a Development model
Thomas Gomart, Director, Russia/NIS Center


May 26, 2011               

The Ivorian Crisis and the African Electoral Processes
Alain Antil, Head of Subsaharian Africa Program


April 28, 2011              

Will Afghanistan be the end of NATO?
Étienne de Durand, Senior Research Fellow, Director of Security Studies Center


March 22, 2011             

Japa: before and after
Céline Pajon, Research Fellow on Japan, Center for Asian Studies


February 28, 2011           

Is India a global economic Power?
Gilles Boquérat, Associate Research Fellow to Ifri, in charge of the India and South Asia program


November 30, 2010     

Al-Qaïda : la fin des terrorismes ?
Marc Hecker, Research Fellow, Security Studies Center


October 20, 2010         

Mid-Term Elections: which defeat for Obama ?
Laurence Nardon, Researcher, Head of the Space and the United States Programs


September 28, 2010    

The Great Ambitions of the Turkish Diplomacy
Dorothée Schmid, Research Fellow, in charge of the Turkey Program


June 10, 2010               

Economic Recovery in East Asia: Diversified Directions
Françoise Nicolas, Economist, Director of the Center for Asian Studies


March 30, 2010             

The Post-Copenhagen Perspectives and the Carbon Market
William Ramsay, Director, and Maïté Jauréguy Naudin, Coordinator, Energy Research Program


February 8, 2010             

Can Barack Obama be successful? How will the US recovery evolve in 2010?
Jacques Mistral, Director of Economic Studies


December 17, 2009     

Food crises and Africa's Future
Alain Antil, Head of the Sub-Saharian Program


October 1st, 2009        

Which prospects for the Paris-Berlin pair after the German elections?
Louis-Marie Clouet, Research Fellow and Hans Stark, Researcher, Secretary general of the Study Committee for French-German Relations


June 25, 2009               

The social, political and strategic consequences of the crisis in China
Valérie Niquet, Researcher, Director, Center for Asian Studies


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