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Jusqu'où ira la Turquie d'Erdogan?
27 rue de la Procession, 75015 PARIS

Towards COP21: The South Korean Perspective
CDC Climat, 47 rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris (Salle Jamming)

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Individual Members

Individual membership concerns individuals, salaried employees, job seekers, students and the couples who are home based in France, in EU or in other countries.

Individual members hold a card of membership which will be required when visiting Ifri and invited to vote at Ifri's General Meeting.




The library is open to Ifri individual members from Monday to Thursday, from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM and on Friday from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM.



Individual members are invited to all our public events via e-mail, through the monthly schedule of our activities, the so-called Ifri Actualités and through e-mail personal invitations:

lectures or symposium with key personalities;

working seminars organised by our research units;

individual members are reserved special seats at the annual conference of RAMSES presentation (Annual global report on the economical system and on strategies), headed by Thierry de Montbrial, Ifri's President.


a programme of specific activities will be dedicated to our members as from 2013 and three specific meetings will be organized on topical issues. Individual members will be advised at a later date of issues and dates (schedule under preparation).


a course of monthly seminars on the financial crisis and its implications in terms of governance: this course is coordinated by Jacques Mistral, Ifri's Director of Economic Studies.


Ifri's Tuesdays in Brussels (Les Mardis de l'Ifri à Bruxelles): these weekly debate-lunches are held around key personalities or experts on European topics. Ifri members are given free access.




The following publications will be addressed to you:

  • the annual economical global report RAMSES
  • the quarterly journal Politique étrangère;
  • the annual report of activities;
  • our two electronic information letters: Ifri actualités (on a monthly basis) and La lettre de l'Ifri (on a quarterly basis).

On request, you will receive the electronic mail publications of Ifri's research units.




Subscription in 2013

For 2013, the amount of the annual subscription, as agreed by the General Meeting held on 12th April 2012, is set as follows:




of which the subscription to

the quarterly journal Politique étrangère & RAMSES

Resident in EU   200 €uros         65 €uros and 20 €uros
Resident outside EU
  220 €uros   90 €uros (without RAMSES)
  30 €uros   --- (without the books)
Couple France and EU   315 €uros   65 €uros and 20 €uros
Job seekers   30 €uros   --- (without the books)







Barbara M'CHIRI
Strategic Development Directorate
27 rue de la Procession

75740 PARIS CEDEX 15
Tél : 01 40 61 60 73
Courriel : mchiri@ifri.org




Ifri's membership cannot be put forward publicly during events or in publications without Ifri's formal agreement.

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