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Shipped or piped: can shale gas secure EU supplies ?
Conseil Central de l'Economie - salle 6 - 20 avenue d'Auderghem - Bruxelles - metro Schuman

U.S. policy in the Middle-East: Can disappointment be staved off?

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10:00 to 11:30

Ifri Paris

From the Periphery to the Center: China's Participation in WTO Negotiations

Seminar with Henry Gao, Associate Professor, School of Law, Singapore Management University; Dongfang Scholar Chair Professor, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. Chair: Francoise Nicolas, Director, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri. In November 2001, China finally acceded to the World Trade Organization after a marathon accession negotiation that lasted 15 years. As China’s accession coincided with the launch of the Doha Round, many...


12:45 to 14:30

Ifri, Paris.

The Ambassadors Table: Lunch debate with Hon. Lawrence Cannon, Ambassador of Canada

Lunch-debate chaired by Thierry de Montbrial, President of Ifri.


12:45 to 14:30

Ifri, salle de conférence

Iran, From the Nuclear Crisis to a "Big Bargain"?

Ces déjeuners débats s'adressent exclusivement aux sociétés membres et aux membres individuels bienfaiteurs de l'Ifri. Sur invitation personnelle uniquement   Un déjeuner débat autour de Denis B AUCHARD, Conseiller pour le Moyen-Orient, et Corentin BRUSTLEIN, chercheur au Centre des Études de Sécurité, Ifri. L’arrivée de Hassan Rohani à la...


09:30 to 11:00

Ifri Paris

Freedom and Fear in Myanmar

Seminar with Ian Holliday, Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration,  The University of Hong Kong Discussant: Sophie Boisseau du Rocher, lecturer at Sciences Po Paris, associate researcher with the IRASEC in Bangkok and ISEAS in Singapour, and an independent consultant specializing in Southeast Asian affairs Chair: John Seaman, Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri   In “Freedom from Fear”,...


17:30 to 19:30

Ifri, salle de conférence

Ukraine : jeu à somme nulle Russie/UE ?

A conference with:   Thomas GOMART, Vice President for Strategic Development, Ifri Tatiana KASTOUEVA-JEAN, Head, Russia/NIS Center Vivien PERTUSOT, Head, Ifri-Brussels office Chair: Dominique DAVID, Executive Vice President, Ifri


08:45 to 18:00

Ifri, Paris

Rising Instability in East Asia and Prospects for a Lasting Peace

08:45 - Welcome Opening Remarks by Dominique David, Executive Vice President, Ifri Keynote Address by Christian Lechervy, Advisor for Strategic Affairs and the Asia-Pacific to the President of the French Republic   MORNING SESSION - ASSESSING RISING INSTABILITY IN EAST ASIA   09:15 - Mapping the shifting balance of power and security architecture in the region Barry Buzan, Professor Emeritus of International Relations, London...


18:00 to 19:30

Ifri, Paris

Elections européennes : retour vers le futur ?

Conférence exclusivement réservée aux membres de l'Ifri, sur invitation. Autour de Vivien PERTUSOT, responsable Ifri Bruxelles Les élections européennes sont d'ordinaire marquées par trois phénomènes : un intérêt politique limité, une nationalisation des enjeux et une faible participation. Le prochain scrutin ne devrait pas déroger à la règle. On...


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