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Employers and migrations

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Brazil and International Migrations in the Twenty-first Century: Flows and Policies

Duval Fernandes, Maria da Consolação Gomes de Castro & Silvana Pena Knup,

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - March 2014

The second half of the XXth century is a unique stage in the history of Brazilian migrations: the attractiveness of Brazil as a country of immigration declines, due to economic hardships and a shift in public perceptions of migrants, who are...


Labor Migration in the State of Qatar - Policy Making and Governance

Zahra R. BABAR

Center Migrations and Citizenship - December 2013

The discovery of petroleum wealth in the middle of the last century completely reconfigured the political economy of Qatar. Small local population size and low levels of labor force participation pushed Qatar to seek alternate sources of labor to...


Employers and migrations: how employers view French and European migration policies 

Economic markets fuel international migrations: there is no mobility without the pull factors that the economies of immigration countries provide. Research and public policies on migration have always highlighted the importance of economic factors in migration trends, but work effectuated to this day on this dimension focuses almost exclusively on the study of two types of actors: the state, and the migrants. The role played by economic decision-makers is largely ignored.The programme Migrations & Entrepreneurs aims at filling this gap:

What do entrepreneurs think of migration and migration policies? What are their expectations in this respect? What kind of actors can entrepreneurs be, today and in the future? What communication channels can be developed to improve and influence migration policies, from the point of view of entrepreneurs?

The programme is constructed around three interdependent activities: 

1.    The “Employers and migrations” working group: since the fall of 2011, the “Employers and migrations” programme set up a working group bringing together HRD of 11 large firms to elucidate the impact that migration policies could have on the activity of firms,  clarify the needs of such firms and define the role that employers could play in shaping such policies. The result of this work is a list of recommendations to harness the economic potential of France’s migration policy.

2.      Events: roundtables with relevant actors in the government and employers’ organisations to strengthen the group’s recommendations; annual conferences on the evolution of migration policies with regards to their impact on the activity of firms.

3.  Publications: “Briefing Papers” on the relationship between economic decision makers and migration policies in Europe; qualitative study on the impact of migration policy on the economic activity of firms; international comparative publication series on migration policies in emerging economies. Read more on this publication series.


Videos to go further:

Diversity recruitment strategy and integration: lessons from the US army - Lieutenant Général Thomas P. Bostick, Deputy Chief of Staff G-1, 13 Janvier 2012

Linking Business and Migration policy - Jesus 'Chuy' Garcia,  13 Janvier 2012


Christophe BERTOSSI Senior Research Fellow, Director of the Center for Migrations and Citizenship

Emma BROUGHTON Research Fellow

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