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Shipped or piped: can shale gas secure EU supplies ?
Conseil Central de l'Economie - salle 6 - 20 avenue d'Auderghem - Bruxelles - metro Schuman

U.S. policy in the Middle-East: Can disappointment be staved off?

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Middle East Program

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Le Maghreb dans la politique arabe de la Turquie - Aperçus sur une stratégie en développement

Mansouria MOKHEFI

Note de l'Ifri, janvier 2014

Pays passé en moins d’un siècle du statut d’empire vieillissant à celui de république laïque moderne et orientée vers l’Occident, la Turquie est entrée dans le XXIe siècle en ...


Syrie : la bascule diplomatique

Denis BAUCHARD, Mansouria MOKHEFI, Philippe MOREAU DEFARGES, Laurence NARDON, Julien NOCETTI, Vivien PERTUSOT, Dorothée SCHMID

Note de l'Ifri, septembre 2013 (Décryptage de la crise syrienne par les chercheurs de l'Ifri)

La lassitude de l'horreur l'en avait chassée : une horreur plus grande ramène la guerre civile syrienne aux premières pages de nos journaux et sur le devant de la scène diplomatique. Les enjeux, chacun le sait,...


Our books

Le Nouveau Monde arabe. Enjeux et instabilités


André Versaille éditeur, April 2012


La défense des intérêts de l'Etat d'Israël en France


(The Defense of Israeli National Interests in France), Marc Hecker, Paris, L'Harmattan, 2005, 124 p.


Conflicts in the Near and Middle East, attempts at settling them and developments in this region have always been a matter of great concern in Ifri's research and debates. The Middle East Programme focuses on three major topics:

  • the reconstitution of the Arab world further to the American armed intervention in Irak and further to the withdrawal process of the foreign troops; it means an in-depth analysis of post Sadam Hussein Irak's evolution and of the consequences on relations with Arab countries  resulting from a Shiite majority power;
  • changes in Israeli policy further to the armed intervention in Gaza and to the appointment of the Netanyaou Government which came to power following February 2009 elections. What are the consequences on the peace process with Palestinian and, more generally speaking, on relations with Arab countries? What role can play US and Europe in helping the negotiations to be resumed?
  • Iran's evolution after the contested presidential elections of June 2010. More specific attention is devoted to the three following issues:
    1. changes in the domestic policy dominated by strong tensions and a crackdown on the protest movement
    2. a foreign policy delivering an aggressive speech while intending to make Iran become a regional power at the head of the "organized resistance" and consequently an essential actor on the scene of Middle East
    3. the problems raised by the determination of the Iranian Government to assert its "nuclear sovereignty".

Mansouria MOKHEFI Director of the Middle East / North Africa Programme

Denis BAUCHARD Special Adviser for the Middle East at Ifri

Middle East / North africa programme

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