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France's Partner on a Pedestal: A view driven by pragmatism and envy

in Almut Möller and Roderick Parkes (dir.), Germany as Viewed by Other EU Member States, EPIN Paper, n°33, June 2012

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This paper brings together contributions from a cross-section of EU member states and the Gallup World Poll survey on the question of how Germany is being viewed at this time of economic and political crisis. Even if the findings suggest that EU members are not as critical of Germany as they have been in recent years, German diplomacy must improve. In the heavily intergovernmentalised setting of EU decision-making today, there is talk of a “constant German EU Presidency”, which calls for a degree of inward coordination and outward-looking consultation from Berlin. Second, members of ‘core Europe’ have traditionally balanced their relations with Germany through close ties with member states now relegated to a second tier of European integration. Berlin’s closest partners are deeply nervous about these developments. Third, Germany’s current weight reflects only the conjuncture of extraordinary domestic and international economic factors. The way that Germany and the other member states behave towards one another now will have implications for their own treatment long after this moment has passed. In short, the ‘Union method’ and ‘multi-speed integration’ are already being used to excuse exclusion and
fragmentation within the EU. Germany, at the heart of these developments, badly needs to develop a new style of interaction, before it too falls victim to these trends. This present paper is designed to help it do so.

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