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Will the B of BRICS Continue to Shine?

July 4th 2012, Cercle de l'Union Interalliée, Paris


Brazil is one of the most promising high-growth markets, with rich natural resources, economic stability and a booming middle class. In addition, it is now on the road to becoming a major global oil exporter with an estimated 50 billion barrels of reserves, and it will shortly host the two biggest international sport events. In 2011, however, Brazil was clouded by government scandals and a Euro zone crisis which hit export demand and decreased foreign lending, leading to a slowing growth rate. The question is: Will Brazil bounce back to steady growth?

The subsalt oilfield discoveries could generate considerable wealth with the potential to transform Brazil's economy, but to ensure the full development of these subsalt fields, foreign technical expertise and massive investment are required. What are the major tax, regulatory and legal challenges for foreign investors in this industry?

The 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics are around the corner, highlighting Brazil's still-flawed infrastructure. Numerous projects are on stand-by, remaining to be contracted and financed. Will Brazil be ready to welcome the millions of fans and tourists attending these events? How can investors tap into these investment opportunities most effectively?

The Brazil Business Summit, now in its third year, provides top executives involved in the Brazilian market with clear insight into the investment climate, in a constructive, peer-to-peer setting.

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For the latest agenda visit: www.economistconferences.com/brazil

Organizer: Economist Conferences
Contact: yannluna@economist.com / +33 1 43 12 85 55


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Location : Cercle de l'Union Interalliée, Paris
Organisation : Economist Conferences

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