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Towards COP21: The South Korean Perspective
CDC Climat, 47 rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris (Salle Jamming)

Indonesia's New Government and the Country's Role in East Asia
Ifri, Paris

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Obama's Diplomacy as Showcased by Web 2.0

Obama's administration is intent on restoring the US image abroad. In order to achieve this, it is utilizing all the technologies linked to the Internet to showcase its diplomacy while simultaneously linking the Internet to the promotion of democracy. Yet these choices are nevertheless debatable: while the Internet is certainly playing an increased political role, some authoritarian regimes are also able to adapt to the new realities of the digital age.

Publisher : Politique étrangère
Link : http://politique-etrangere.com/2011/05/16/la-diplomatie-d%E2%80%99obama-a-l%E2%80%99epreuve-du-web-2-0-julien-nocetti/

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