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Iraq, Serbia: Economic Sanctions and the Transatlantic Debate

Notes de l'Ifri, 20, Paris, 2000, 60 p.

Distributed by la Documentation française (text in French).

For the past decade, both Iraq and Serbia have been imposed multilateral economic sanctions that present various similarities.
These sanctions today face harsh criticism from many observers who deplore the disastrous economic consequences on the civilian population and the relative political inefficiency of such sanctions. These sanctions have also led to significant rifts between the United States and Europe who both actively participate in the implementation various coercive measures in compliance to UN Security Council resolutions.
This 'Note' aims and highlighting the political and economic impact of such sanctions while at the same time stressing on the growing friction between the United States and Europe, especially France. Finally such analyses are put into use in order to determine what rules should be respected if the economic weapon is to be used with greater efficiency within a context of improved transatlantic co-operation.

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