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How to Support / Join Ifri

Ever since its creation, Ifri, a non-profit organization, has relied on the support of private partners in order to ensure its continuity and its intellectual independence. Nearly 70 companies back up its development and its unique position in the circle of the European think tanks. These special partners can thus take advantage of the competition spirit generated by the close collaboration with a world famous research institute.

The Strategic Development Directorate is the contact point with individuals and organizations which want to contribute to Ifri. Its purpose is to make Ifri's partners aware of the relevance of their support for the development of research activities and at the same time of Ifri's contribution in return for their own benefit.

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Various Possible Schemes of Partnership

There are various possible schemes of partnership and these can be combined:

To become a member either on an individual basis, or as a diplomatic mission or organization or as a corporation. In this case, sums of money paid each year are allocated to Ifri's operating budget.

To back up  a research Programme: donations can be allocated to one or several of the 15 or so Ifri's research programmes and specifically intended for financing their activities in the field of research, publishing and debates.

To sponsor an event of a course of events

To finance a grant for research and host doctoral students or postdoctoral researchers.

To make a donation to Ifri: a donation can be made for a general support to Ifri.

To make a donation in kind or in tehnology equipment or provide a skill based voluntarism.

All these forms of partnership fall within the scope of patronage and provide tax cuts.


Patronage shall mean the financial support - without direct offering compensation in return from the beneficiary, for a charity or for anyone carrying out an activity that serves the public interest.

Ifri's status, being a non-profit organization, enables donors to have tax cuts as provided for by the law of 1st August 2003. According to this law, donations from organizations subject to corporate tax or income tax entitle the said organizations to a tax cut of 60% of their payment, up to 5% of their turnover.


For individuals subject to income tax, a tax cut of 66% of payments is applicable up to 20% of the taxable revenue.

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