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Céline PAJON

research fellow


Céline Pajon is research fellow at the Ifri Center for Asian Studies.

Celine Pajon holds a Master of International Relations from the Gevena Graduate Institute of International Studies. She spent two years in Japan for study and research (Waseda University and Osaka University).




  • "Significance of the Japan-India Partnership for East Asian Regionalism", Asian Regional Integration Review, Volume 2, Waseda University Global COE Program, Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration (GIARI), Tokyo, March 2010.
  • "1945-2005 : Hiroshima, Vers la reconnaissance d'une mémoire ambivalente" [1945-2005: Hiroshima: The Way Toward an Ambivalent Memory], in Bernard Cottret et Lauric Henneton (dir.), Du bon usage des commémorations. Histoire, mémoire et identité - XVIe-XXIe siècle, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Rennes, 2010.
  • "Le Japon: le bateau ivre" [Japan: the Rudderless Ship] in Thierry de Montbrial, Philippe Moreau Defarges (dir.), RAMSES 2010, Dunod, September 2009.
  • "La coopération maritime nippo-indienne: réinvestir l'Asie par la mer", [The Maritime Cooperation between Japan and India: Sailing Asia] Politique Etrangère, vol. 74, vol.3, Autumn 2009, pp. 637-648.
  • "Le Japon: l'impossible réforme?" [Japan: the Impossible Reform] in Thierry de Montbrial, Philippe Moreau Defarges (dir.), RAMSES 2009, Paris, Dunod, September 2008.
  • "Le retour de l'idée nationale au Japon: tourner la page de l'après-guerre" [Rising Nationalism in Japan: Turning the Post-War Page], Politique Etrangère, 2:2008, June 2008, pp. 401-412.
  • (with Valérie Niquet), "Japon : une affirmation diplomatique progressive depuis 1945" [Japan: A Progressive Diplomatic Assertion Since 1945], Questions Internationales, n°30, March-April 2008.
  • (with Barthélémy Courmont) Transatlantic Relation and Northeast-Asia: Union or Division?, Policy Paper for the Centre d'Etudes Transatlantiques, July 2007.
  • "The United States, Japan and China Strengthening the Triangle: Resolving Misperceptions and Fostering Cooperation", Issues and Insights No. 8-06, CSIS Pacific Forum, May 2006.
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