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Emerging Markets and Migration Policy : China

Frank N. PIEKE,

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - July 2014

China is known for its large pool of labour force as well as for having the largest diaspora in the world. Nevertheless, China’s economic growth is at the source of a new demographic trend: following a 2010 census, there are more than 1...


Do Companies Get a Say in French Migration Policy Making?


Center for Migrations and Citizenship - May 2014

This paper investigates the role given to economic actors in the definition of migration policies in France. In the early 2000s, Nicolas Sarkozy advocated for a policy of “chosen immigration” (“immigration choisie”) whose...


Brazil and International Migrations in the Twenty-first Century: Flows and Policies

Duval Fernandes, Maria da Consolação Gomes de Castro & Silvana Pena Knup,

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - March 2014

The second half of the XXth century is a unique stage in the history of Brazilian migrations: the attractiveness of Brazil as a country of immigration declines, due to economic hardships and a shift in public perceptions of migrants, who are...


Labor Migration in the State of Qatar - Policy Making and Governance

Zahra R. BABAR

Center Migrations and Citizenship - December 2013

The discovery of petroleum wealth in the middle of the last century completely reconfigured the political economy of Qatar. Small local population size and low levels of labor force participation pushed Qatar to seek alternate sources of labor to...


Entrepreneurs and Migration: The Case of Sweden


Center for Migrations and Citizenship - February 2013

The « Swedish Model » of labor immigration management came to a turning point with the 2008 reform. This major reform consisted in a deregulation of the labor market, which until then had only opened a limited number of...


Undocumented Workers in Spain and the Politics of Regularization


Center for Migrations and Citizenship - May 2012

By the end of 2004, low migration flow regulation contributed to a high rate of irregularity and hampered adaptation of foreign labor supplies to the demands of the Spanish labor market, contributing therewith to an increase in irregular workers....


Migration Policy and Irregular Workers in the United Kingdom

Danièle JOLY, Khursheed WADIA

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - February 2012

While public opinion and European governments usually present migrants as an outside threat for European societies, in this article, Danièle Joly and Khursheed Wadia focus on the local level to analyze the issue of migrants, in particular...


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