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Soft power chinois en Afrique : Renforcer les intérêts de la Chine au nom de l'amitié sino-africaine


Asie.Visions 71, September 2014

Résumé Bien que l’intérêt de la Chine pour l’Afrique ne soit pas récent, la présence chinoise sur le continent africain s’est considérablement renforcée depuis les...


Nationalismes en Chine et au Japon et implications pour les relations bilatérales

Céline PAJON, Alice EKMAN

Asie.Visions 70, July 2014

Le facteur nationaliste apparaît comme une composante importante des frictions grandissantes opposant la Chine et le Japon. Au Japon, l’accession de Shinzo Abe pour la seconde fois au poste de Premier ministre, et...


Emerging Markets and Migration Policy : China

Frank N. PIEKE,

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - July 2014

China is known for its large pool of labour force as well as for having the largest diaspora in the world. Nevertheless, China’s economic growth is at the source of a new demographic trend: following a 2010 census, there are more than 1...


The Distinctive Features of China's Middle Classes


Asie.Visions n°69, June 2014

This study seeks to lay the foundations for a better understanding of the Chinese middle classes. It goes beyond the traditional classification by revenue and identifies the distinctive features of China’s middle classes by taking into...


La nouvelle diplomatie économique asiatique : Chine, Japon, Corée comme exportateurs d'infrastructures

Céline PAJON, Françoise NICOLAS, John SEAMAN

Asie.Visions 68, May 2014

Dans le secteur des infrastructures énergétiques, et notamment dans l’industrie du nucléaire civil, l’émergence, sur la scène internationale, de nouveaux acteurs toujours plus ambitieux conduit...


Chine/ASEAN : Une diplomatie tous azimuts rondement menée


Asie.Visions 67, February 2014

Fondée sur une enquête de terrain auprès d’observateurs et responsables de l’ASEAN, cette étude met en évidence le changement fondamental intervenu ces dix dernières années dans les...


China's Direct Investment in the European Union: Challenges and Policy Responses

Françoise NICOLAS

China Economic Journal, vol. 7. No 1, 2014, pp. 103-25

The dramatic rise of Chinese direct investment into the European Union has sparked a debate about the control that China may be seeking to take over European economies. Quite naturally these concerns have led to repeated calls that action be taken...


Urbanization and Mobility in China

Jiawen YANG

Asie.Visions 66 - December 2013

   Chinese cities are getting bigger and are also growing into each other. To ensure that the rapidly increasing number of urban residents have access to adequate transportation not only requires increased investment in transportation,...


China's Growing Natural Gas Insecurity and the Potential of Chinese Shale Gas


Asie.Visions 64, April 2013

China is poised for a dramatic increase in its demand for natural gas. As total energy demand has risen to record levels in the last five years, China has found itself in an increasingly difficult bind: the social and environmental burden from coal...


Russia's Eastern Energy Policy: A Chinese Puzzle for Rosneft


Russie.NEI.Visions, No. 70, April 2013

In the past decade Russia set a strategic goal: to develop the Eastern vector of its energy policy and strengthen oil and gas cooperation with the Asia-Pacific countries. While dialogue on gas with China was stalled, Rosneft, the country's...


China's Fortress Fleet-in-Being and its Implications for Japan's Security


Asie.Visions 62, February 2013

This paper analyzes the rise of maritime China and its implications for Japan’s security policy. In recent years, Chinese naval capabilities have been growing. Beijing aims to expand its maritime presence in the region, but also to limit the...


Le Maghreb vu de Chine : perceptions et orientations au lendemain des printemps arabes


Note de l'Ifri, février 2013

Ces deux dernières années ont été marquées par les mouvements de protestation dans le monde arabe. Ces mouvements ont été suivis avec la plus grande attention par les autorités chinoises,...


Chine et investissements internationaux – vers une normalisation

Françoise NICOLAS

in Arès Mathieu et Eric Boulanger (dir.), L'investissement et la nouvelle économie mondiale :...


China's Two-Track Foreign Policy - From Ambiguous to Clear-Cut Positions


Asie.Visions 58, December 2012

This analysis examines the current ambiguities, priorities and approaches of Chinese foreign policy from a practitioner’s perspective, taking into account experiences of Beijing-based diplomats (interviews conducted in 2011 and 2012), in...


Crossing the line – A new status quo in the East China Sea?

Céline PAJON

Ifri-CIGS Op-Ed Series, 22 October 2012

Deepening their partnership, Ifri and the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) are launching a series of op-eds, written both by Ifri and CIGS experts. This new series aims at providing the European and Asian public with original and different...


Pour une relecture du " grand jeu " entre l'Inde et la Chine en Birmanie


Asie.Visions 53, Spetember 2012

Renouvelée par un coup d’état militaire en septembre 1988, la junte birmane est promptement ostracisée par la communauté internationale au cours des années 1990. Seule la Chine maintient ses liens avec la...


Rare Earths and the East China Sea: Why hasn't China embargoed shipments to Japan?


Ifri-CIGS Op-Ed Series, 5 octobre 2012

As tensions persist between China and Japan in the East China Sea, it is interesting to note that one of the most symbolic actions of the previous crisis has yet to make an appearance this time around. The stoppage of rare earth shipments to Japan...


Tensions territoriales autour du Japon : guerre improbable, paix difficile

Céline PAJON

Lettre du Centre Asie 62, August 2012

Cet été, les frictions se sont multipliées autour des territoires disputés entre le Japon et ses voisins (îlots et zones économiques exclusives)[1]. Le maintien du statu quo, qui semblait prévaloir...


Soutenir la croissance, limiter les émissions: la Chine est-elle un modèle en matière de politique climatique ?

Thibaud VOÏTA,

Note de l'Ifri, May 2012

La Chine a connu pendant les trente dernières années une crois¬sance sans précédent qui lui a permis de se hisser en 2010 comme deuxième puissance économique mondiale, devant le Japon et derrière...


New Economic Development Opportunities for Taiwan in the Post-ECFA Era

Da-Nien LIU, Hui-Tzu SHIH

Asie.Visions 51, April 2012

The main aim of this paper is to analyze the new opportunities for Taiwan’s ongoing economic development in the era following the signing of the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) between Taiwan and China. The paper begins with an...


China and Cleaner Coal: A marriage of necessity destined for failure?


Asie.Visions 52, April 2012

For China, coal is a crucial source of abundant, indigenous and affordable energy and is a pillar of economic and social stability. From a logic of energy security, and because the industry itself maintains a formidable political presence through...


Intégration économique : vers la fin de l'exception asiatique ?

Françoise NICOLAS

in S. Boisseau du Rocher (dir.), Asie 2012 – 2013 – Une Asie toujours plus centrale, La...

Le processus d’intégration régionale en Asie est donc aujourd’hui à la croisée des chemins, avec des changements à venir dans le mode de fonctionnement de la région et la « division du...


Rare Earths and the WTO: Tougher case than it looks


Ifri-CIGS Op-Ed Series, 28 March 2012

Deepening their partnership, Ifri and the Canon Institute for Global Studies (CIGS) are launching a series of op-eds, written both by Ifri and CIGS experts. This new series aims at providing the European and Asian public with original and different...


The Expanding Chinese Footprint in Latin America - New Challenges for China, and Dilemmas for the US


Asie.Visions 49, February 2012

The physical presence of China in Latin America is entering a phase of significant expansion, as the logical consequence of the rapid growth over the past decade of its trade, investment, and infrastructure for doing business in the region. The...


Les élections taiwanaises vues de Chine


Lettre du Centre Asie 61, février 2012

Comment la Chine a-t-elle suivi et perçu la campagne présidentielle taiwanaise, qui a mené à la réélection le 14 janvier dernier du président sortant Ma Ying-jeou? Plus encore que lors du scrutin de...


Doors Wide Shut? An Update on FDI Regulations in China

Françoise NICOLAS

Asie Visions 48, January 2012

The fears of a rise in economic nationalism in China have been fuelled by a number of recent moves, such as changes in the law on indigenous innovation or the enactment of a national security review (NSR) regulation for M&As by foreign...


Chinese ODI in France: Motives, Strategies and Implications

Françoise NICOLAS

China Economic Policy Review, vol. 1, n°1, 2012.

Although outward direct investment (ODI) is still very much a developed country phenomenon (with industrial countries accounting for more than 75% of global flows), ODI from the “South” is gaining ground, with China ranking among the...


Internet Companies in China: Dancing between the Party Line and the Bottom Line


Asie Visions 47, January 2012

With over 500 million Internet users and 900 million mobile-phone subscribers by mid 2011, the Chinese Internet is an enormous market that has produced the spectacular rise of many Chinese Internet companies and attracted substantial foreign...


Vers un nouveau saut générationnel des forces aériennes chinoises ?

Yves-Heng LIM

Lettre du Centre Asie 59, October 2011

Alors que la dernière série des F-22 avant abandon de la production sortaient des usines Lockheed et Boeing, Hu Jintao confirmait, en janvier 2011, les premiers tests du nouveau chasseur furtif, le J-XX, par les forces aériennes...


Toward Higher Household Consumption? An Up-to-Date Analysis of China's Economic Transition


Asie.Visions 41, July 2011

For more than two decades, China's economy has been growing at an average rate of close to 10 percent. As a result of this stellar performance, China ascended to the rank of the world's second largest economy in 2010, surpassing Japan.Despite these...


Les relations économiques du Maghreb avec la Chine et l'Inde

Françoise NICOLAS

Afkar/idées, n° 29, mars 2011.

La montée en puissance de la Chine et de l’Inde domine les débats économiques depuis quelques années déjà. Poursuivant une stratégie d’internationalisation résolue, les entreprises...


The resurgence of relations between China and Madagascar


Note de l'Ifri, mars 2011

L’acuité de la question chinoise à Madagascar nous offre l’occasion de dresser un état des lieux, inexistant à ce jour, des relations sinomalgaches.Après un rappel de la profondeur historique des...


La réorientation de la croissance chinoise


Note de l'ifri, mars 2011


L'Indonésie face à la montée en puissance économique de la Chine


Asie Visions 36, December 2010

L'Indonésie est l'un des rares pays qui, doté de ressources naturelles, a réussi à diversifier son économie en s'engageant dans une stratégie de promotion des exportations manufacturières....


China-India Relations: Strategic Engagement and Challenges


Asie Visions 34, September 2010

Sino-Indian relations have become increasingly significant and produced widespread implications. The evolving bilateral relationship is reasonably seen as a result of their shifting strategies and the ever-changing global politico-economic...


Rare Earths and Clean Energy: Analyzing China's Upper Hand


Note de l'Ifri, September 2010

An ominous resource crunch in the so-called “rare earth elements” is now threatening the development of a number of key industries from energy to defense to consumer electronics. As key components in the latest generation of...


Chinese and Indian economic presence in the Maghreb

Françoise NICOLAS

The Maghreb in its regional and international environment

One of the major events of the last couple of decades has been the rise of China and India, reflected by their increasingly important economic presence in the world, both in terms of trade flows and of foreign direct investments. Africa, which has...


Chinese Perceptions of the Utility of Nuclear Weapons. Prospects and Potential Problems in Disarmament

Jing-dong YUAN

Proliferation Papers, no. 34, Spring 2010

This paper takes a careful look at China's perceptions of the role of nuclear weapons in its national security policy and defense posture. This is important because China is perceived to be the only country among the five original nuclear-weapon...


A Shadow over the Himalayas: India's Tibet Problem

Prem Shankar JHA

Asie.Visions 28, May 2010

This article explains the central role of the Tibetan issue in complicating Sino-Indian relations. It analyses three years of building tensions between China and India over, nominally, the Arunachal Pradesh that could very well have led to conflict....


Energy Security, Transnational Pipelines and China's Role in Asia


Asie.Visions 27, April 2010

In recent decades, China's transformation from a regional energy supplier to one of the world's largest net energy importers, in particular with regards to oil and gas, has led to an increasing sense of energy insecurity in Chinese policy circles....


From Kunming to Mandalay: The New "Burma Road"


Asie.Visions 25, March 2010

From Kunming to Mandalay: The New "Burma Road". Developments along the Sino-Myanmar border since 1988. The present paper aims to describe the vitality and complexity of bilateral trade along the Sino-Myanmar border. Three aspects have been...


The Development of Road Networks in China: Miscalculations and Inequalities

Kun-Chin LIN

Asie.Visions 24, February 2010

China has some of the densest road networks of any developing country, accounting for the vast majority of paved roads among lower- and middle-income countries. However, statistical data at the national and provincial levels show two puzzling...


Russia, China and the United States: From Strategic Triangularism to the Postmodern Triangle

Bobo LO

Proliferation Papers, n° 32, Winter 2010 / Russie.Nei.Visions, No.47, February 2010

Over the past decade, there has been much talk about a new world order, in which American "unipolarity" would be superseded by more equal arrangements between the great powers. One such idea is a return to the Russia-China-US triangle. In truth,...


Getting Carbon Out: Tougher Than it Looks. An Assessment of EU, US & Chinese Pledges


Note de l'Ifri, February 2010


The Institutions of Energy Governance in China


Note de l'Ifri, January 2010

International collaboration, in any form, requires trust, and such trust is built on understanding. In the case of collaboration in the field of energy, potential partners need to have an appreciation of frameworks for energy governance in each...


Chinese Direct Investments in France: No French Exception, No Chinese Challenge

Françoise NICOLAS

International Economics Programme Paper, IE PP 2010/02, Chatham House, January 2010.

China’s direct investment in France remains surprisingly low evencompared to other EU states although the targets are quitesimilar, being heavily biased towards export-support and servicesrather than industrial activities. In terms of...


Le partenariat économique Chine - Allemagne : une interdépendance croissante


Note du Cerfa n°71, janvier 2010

L'ascension de la Chine au statut de principal partenaire économique de l'Allemagne en Asie repose sur plusieurs facteurs. Un réseau institutionnel étroit d'organisations publiques et privées joue un rôle...


Urbanization and Real Estate Investment in China

Guillaume ROUGIER-BRIERRE et Guillaume JEANNET

Asie.Visions 22, December 2009

The move away from a planned economy and the apprenticeship of capitalism, which is sometimes uncontrolled in the real estate sector, have led to a series of imbalances between cities and the countryside. It is possible to think that the worst...


Food Consumption and Food Safety in China


Asie.Visions 21, December 2009

Nowadays it is not so much food security but food safety that is the preoccupation of the Chinese authorities. China seems to have recently discovered that without an adequate regulatory system in place it is impossible to curb food-related crises....


Le boom des énergies propres en Chine


Lettre du Centre Asie 48, décembre 2009

Le développement du secteur des énergies dites « propres », notamment éolienne et solaire, est en plein boom en Chine, suscitant une véritable euphorie. Chaque année depuis 2006 le pays double...


China and the Telecommunication Satellites of Emerging Countries

Raoul DAVENAC et Laurence NARDON

Actuelles de l'Ifri, September 2009

China hopes to get a share of the growing market for telecommunication satellites, with governments of developing countries as its main clients. This will allow China to improve its technologies while reinforcing ties with these countries. Alors...


Development of Rural China in the 21st Century: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead -- From the perspective of economic freedoms and social rights

CHEN Guangjin

Asie.Visions 16, July 2009

This paper proposes a detailed presentation of the obstacles to the development of rural areas in China today, and of the transformations and ongoing reforms since the beginning of the 21st century. Chen Guangjin is a Research Fellow of the...


The Global Economic Crisis: A Golden Opportunity for China

Françoise NICOLAS

Asie.Visions 15, juin 2009

China did not prove to be crisis-proof in contrast to what the supporters of the decoupling hypothesis loved to claim. The paper will analyse the impacts of the crisis and the Chinese responses to the crisis. A key issue is whether the current...


Confidence ! A Message from the People's Hall in Beijing

Albrecht SONNTAG, Wei SHEN

Lettre du Centre Asie 42, April 2009

Despite the challenges that China is currently facing in the light of the global financial crisis, the major message from the People's Hall in Beijing was a positive one: confidence. The conclusion of the annual sessions of the National People's...


Public Action in China: From Decision-Making to Implementation

Asie.Visions 14, March 2009

Thirty years after the start of the policy of reform and opening up launched by Deng Xiaoping in 1978, the political system and Chinese society are considerably more open. However, there still are many gray areas, one of which is the question of...


Economic Crisis and Social Stability in China

Lettre du Centre Asie 38, February 2009

Afin de conserver le niveau d’occupation actuel de la population active, la Chine aurait besoin de maintenir son taux de croissance économique à 8%. Ceci ne semble pas avoir été le cas pour le dernier semestre 2008...


Online Public Opinion in China

GUO Liang

Seminar report, written by Hélène Le Bail, December 2008

A résumé of the seminar held by the Ifri's research program on China on the 23rd of September 2008 with Guo Liang, research fellow at the China Academy of Social Science (CASS) and in charge since 2000 of a survey on Internet usage and...


The Return of the "Brains" to China: What are the Social, Economic and Political Impacts?

Hélène LE BAIL, Wei SHEN

Asie.Visions 11, October 2008

Since the 1990s, the Chinese government has issued new measures to encourage the return of the most highly qualified individuals, and has promoted a discourse that tends to honour, or even to praise the repatriated "brains" in China and their...


China Milk Scandal: food security and right to information

Lettre du Centre Asie 35, October 2008

Le scandale du lait contaminé en Chine qui a éclaté le 12 septembre dernier soulève de nombreux débats  qui vont  des insuffisances du système de contrôle de qualité aux questions de...


From the Sichuan earthquake to the Olympic Games: China confronted with political challenges of 2008

Asie.Visions 8, September 2008

The year 2008 should have been the year of the Olympic Games showing the eternal glory of China through August 8 Opening Ceremony. Nonetheless, for the Chinese Regime, the year 2008 is the year of emergence of serious challenges that will remain...


China's Economic Growth in a Context of Globalization

FAN Gang

Asie.Visions 7, August 2008

This article is illustrative of the way of thinking among young Chinese economists who try to comprehend all the constraints that bear upon China's development today.


China: a new protagonist in the multilateral system

Julien KITA

Summary of the conference held 18 April 2008

The document is a summary of the conference 'China: a new player in the multilateral system', 18 April 2008, Ifri, Paris.


In the Mood for Multilateralism? China's Evolving Global View


Asia Centre Ifri Working Paper

This text was written for the seminar 'China: a new player in the multilateral system?' held 18 April 2008 at Ifri Paris. The latest World Bank report has put China the second largest economies after the US according to the purchasing power. It is...


Back to Dialogue Strategy in the Taiwan Strait

Lettre du Centre Asie 28, June 2008

Le 13 juin 2008, sous l’impulsion du nouveau président taiwanais Ma Ying-jeou, la Chine et Taiwan ont relancé le train des négociations en signant deux nouveaux accords. Premièrement, des vols réguliers de...


Limits of the warming of the sino-japanese relation

Céline PAJON

Lettre du Centre Asie 27, June 2008

Le réchauffement diplomatique entre Pékin et Tokyo, largement mis en scène, s'est concrétisé par une évolution remarquable de la position chinoise concernant la normalisation militaire de la puissance...


Earthquake in Sichuan : towards the acknowledgement of the civil society

Lettre du Centre Asie 24

Le tremblement de terre qui a frappé la Chine le 12 mai a eu un impact important sur la société et le monde politique. On avait pu juger la crise tibétaine gérée avec quelque maladresse, une stratégie...


China and Foreign Investors. The End of a Beautiful Friendship?

Françoise NICOLAS

Asie.Visions 4, April 2008

The promotion of FDI has been an important component of China's economic reform process and China has become one of the most important destinations of FDI. Although heavy-handed interventionism is nothing new in China, the direction of...


Taiwan after the elections


Lettre du Centre Asie 21, mars 2008

Changement de décor à Taiwan : la victoire du candidat du Parti Nationaliste (Kuomintang), Ma Ying-jeou, a été sans appel. Le 22 mars il a réuni plus de 58 % des suffrages face au candidat du parti au pouvoir...


Europe and China ; a cooperation with complex legal dimensions

Asie.Visions 3, March 2008

This article aims to evaluate legal aspects of the content and implementation of the 'strategic partnership' between the EU and the People's Republic of China. In the absence of a category of 'emerging countries' in international economic law, the...


Strategic culture and defense policy in China

Working paper presented to the 3rd Congress of Réseau Asie, 26-27-28 September 2007, Maison...

Valérie Niquet, Director of Centre Asie Ifri, Working group 'Strategic Culture and Defense Policy in Asia', working paper presented to the 3rd Congress of Réseau Asie, 26-27-28 September 2007, Maison de la Chimie, Paris.


L'Asie est au coeur des enjeux économiques et stratégiques de notre temps.


Lettre du Centre Asie 18, janvier 2008

Les relations entre la Chine et l'Europe ont une histoire de plus de trente ans. Mais à chaque étape, un nouveau souffle est nécessaire pour contribuer à leur approfondissement. De multiples résultats ont d'ores...


The 17th Congress of CPC: between reform and constraints

Asie Visions 2, December 2007

Le XVIIe congrès du Parti communiste chinois (PCC), chargé de renouveler la direction du Parti et de préciser les grandes orientations à venir s’est réuni à Pékin à la mi-octobre 2007,...


Enjeux énergétiques en Asie

Valérie NIQUET

Note de l'Ifri, October 2007

Energy challenges represent one of the most important security paradigms in the Asia Pacific region where you have a mixture of growing energy dependency, fuelled by high economic growth, the emergence of new major players like China and India, and...


The Space Research in China : Technology Step and Military Capacities

Asie Visions 1, June 2007

L'intérêt de la Chine pour le spatial au milieu des années 1950, moins de dix ans après l'instauration de la République populaire de Chine en 1949. Cet intérêt, jamais interrompu souffrira toutefois du...


L'offensive africaine de la Chine

, Valérie NIQUET

Lettre du Centre Asie 11

Le président Hu Jintao s'est rendu pour la troisième fois depuis 2004 en Afrique, voyage particulièrement riche en ce qui concerne le  nombre de pays visités, Cameroun, Liberia, Soudan, Zambie, Namibie, Afrique du...


China and Central Asia

Valérie Niquet, Perspectives chinoises, n°96, July-August 2006

En dépit de la fin de la guerre froide et de l'éclatement de l'URSS, l'Asie centrale constitue toujours un élément essentiel de la stratégie de sécurité de la République populaire de Chine....


China : benefits and setbacks of globalization

Françoise NICOLAS

Françoise NICOLAS, in Questions Internationales, n°22, novembre-décembre 2006.

Although it is often said that globalization enriches the rich and impoverishes the poor and therefore causes inequality, the reality seems to be much more complex. Firstly the aggravation of inequality in the world has not been proven; it all...


China: the Central Power Authority and the Control of the 'Overheating'

Lettre du Centre Asie 7

Au mois de mars 2006, le Premier ministre Wen Jiabao plaidait en faveur du contrôle de la croissance et fixait l'objectif pour 2006 à 8 % en moyenne. En dépit de cette directive, au premier trimestre 2006, le taux de croissance a...


La Chine et le modèle nord-coréen

Valérie Niquet

Lettre du Centre Asie 3

Après plusieurs mois d'interruption, le dialogue à six sur la Corée du Nord n'a toujours pas repris. Pékin, par des pressions diverses, des conseils amicaux et des visites organisées des hauts lieux de la...


The China Policy of the European Union

An article by Valérie Niquet, Director, Centre Asie Ifri, in K. Santhanam and Srikanth...


China on its Way towards Reforms: Economic Metamorphosis or Political Suicilde?

Jonathan Story, Politique étrangère, 2/2003 (Spring 2003).

Read the full text in English (pdf).AbstractChina is sleep-walking towards becoming a market democracy. The argument here is that the CCP is in metamorphosis, verbally committed to continuity, but in effect committing slow political suicide by...


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