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Final Call for a European Space Strategy

João M. Santos

Europe.Visions, n°8, janvier 2011

Space poses both an opportunity and a challenge for Europe. And so does the new provision of the Lisbon Treaty – article 189 TFEU – that awards the EU an explicit competency on Space. According to most stakeholders, this new EU...


Les citoyens face à la défense européenne


Europe.Visions, n°6, November 2010

De toute évidence, la politique européenne de sécurité et de défense navigue à vue et dépend du volontarisme des Etats membres englués dans les affres budgétaires. La recomposition de...


European Defence Economy Afflicted by the Crisis

Olivier JEHIN

Europe.Visions, n°7, November 2010

The European defence sector generates €86 billion annually – and that is only taking into account the 2009 turnover of the European defence industry for the three areas - aeronautics, land forces and naval forces.  It is also a...


A New Institutional Architecture for the Transatlantic Relationship?

Jolyon Howorth

Europe.Visions n°5, June 2009

In the past five years, there has been a veritable avalanche of both academic and policy studies on the transatlantic relationship. Much of this output was sparked by the crisis over Iraq and by fears that the Alliance itself might become a victim...


L'Union pour la Méditerranée : une ambition française de reconsidérer le Sud

Khadija Mohsen-Finan, Europe Visions n°3, December 2008

La guerre conduite par Israël contre le Hamas en décembre 2008, qui a fait 1 300 morts côté palestinien pourrait avoir deux effets très différents sur le projet d'Union pour la Méditerranée. Le...


The Fifth Enlargement of the EU, Five Years On: The Case of Poland and the Czech Republic

Piotr Maciej Kaczynski

Europe.Visions n°2, November 2008

In 2009, Europe will celebrate many anniversaries, all of which are of special importance for the new member states. It will be five years since the European Union’s (EU) big bang enlargement of 2004; ten years since the first enlargement of...


France on the Eve of the European Presidency

Maxime Lefèbvre

Europe.Visions n°1, june 2008

The Irish “no” to the Treaty of Lisbon starkly brought the issue of relations between European construction and its citizens back to the surface. France, who said “no” to the Constitution, stood a much lower chance of...


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