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Rethinking Citizenship in Europe

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Des Directives à la Charte: Une lecture critique de la politique européenne de lutte contre la discrimination raciale


Note du programme Migrations, Identités, Citoyenneté, Novembre 2010

Depuis une quinzaine d'années, l'Union européenne met en place des outils législatifs, institutionnels, financiers et politiques pour lutter contre la discrimination raciale de façon cohérente et...


Our books

National models of integration and the crisis of multiculturalism: a critical comparative perspective

Christophe BERTOSSI, Jan Willem DUYVENDAK,

Patterns of Prejudice, Vol. 46, No. 5, December 2012


The Problems with National Models of Integration: A Franco Dutch Comparison


Comparative European Politics, May2012



Rethinking Citizenship in Europe

Europe has recently witnessed political controversies over national models of integration. It has been repeated in public and political debates that these models (ex: Republicanism in France & Multiculturalism in Great-Britain) are in crisis: they supposedly failed to integrate migrants and their offspring in ‘old’ immigrations countries.

The aim of this program is to put into critical perspective this so-called "crisis" by 1) questioning the categories used by social sciences and comparative politics, 2) setting up an action research mechanism - called SUCCESS - bringing together "ordinary European citizens" in several European cities.

More precisely, SUCCESS brings together young citizens from a number of countries and diverse cultural, social and religious backgrounds to transcend current populist, xenophobic and nationalist discourses and debates surrounding social cohesion, migrant integration and multiculturalism. 

SUCCESS aims to give a voice to ordinary citizens. The working groups constitute a space where citizens from diverse backgrounds can converse with representatives of local political and social institutions, with a view to arriving at their own definitions of citizenship, and to determine how citizenship values can be put into effective practice in everyday life and, following, what it means to be a citizen of a successful society.

Videos to go further:

SUCCESS' film - 2012

Asile et politiques d'immigration en France - Etienne PINTE - 7 Septembre 2011

Asile et politiques d'immigration en Europe - Danièle JOLY - 7 Septembre 2011


Christophe BERTOSSI Senior Research Fellow, Director of the Center for Migrations and Citizenship

Emma BROUGHTON Research Fellow

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