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Emerging markets and migration policy

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Brazil and International Migrations in the Twenty-first Century: Flows and Policies

Duval Fernandes, Maria da Consolação Gomes de Castro & Silvana Pena Knup,

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - March 2014

The second half of the XXth century is a unique stage in the history of Brazilian migrations: the attractiveness of Brazil as a country of immigration declines, due to economic hardships and a shift in public perceptions of migrants, who are...


Labor Migration in the State of Qatar - Policy Making and Governance

Zahra R. BABAR

Center Migrations and Citizenship - December 2013

The discovery of petroleum wealth in the middle of the last century completely reconfigured the political economy of Qatar. Small local population size and low levels of labor force participation pushed Qatar to seek alternate sources of labor to...


Emerging markets and migration policy

 A publication series of the Center for Migrations and Citizenship

Formerly coined as “developing countries”, Brazil, China, India and Qatar are now part of the “emerging markets” group, whose total GDP will override that of G8 countries in a couple of decades. This evolution sparks off changes at the international level that are not restricted to the international market, but also affect migratory flows. 

Against the backdrop of a growing globalisation of economic migration flows, how will Brazil, China, India and Qatar adapt their migration policies?

To answer these questions, the “Emerging markets and migration policy” project will develop a publication series, structured around two objectives:

- Provide a clear picture of migration policies in the four countries studied: presentation, evolution, prospective analysis;

- Map out the relevant actors and institutions, focusing more specifically on the place of economic actors in the elaboration and implementation of migration policies.

Four reports will be commissioned, one for each country studied. They will be organised around a common architecture to allow for a comparative perspective: Patterns of migratory flows in the specific country studied; Migration policies, with a focus on labour migration; Prospective view. These reports will be published on the Ifri's website.


Christophe BERTOSSI Senior Research Fellow, Director of the Center for Migrations and Citizenship

Emma BROUGHTON Research Fellow

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