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Nationalismes en Chine et au Japon et implications pour les relations bilatérales

Céline PAJON, Alice EKMAN

Asie.Visions 70, July 2014

Le facteur nationaliste apparaît comme une composante importante des frictions grandissantes opposant la Chine et le Japon. Au Japon, l’accession de Shinzo Abe pour la seconde fois au poste de Premier ministre, et...


La nouvelle diplomatie économique asiatique : Chine, Japon, Corée comme exportateurs d'infrastructures

Céline PAJON, Françoise NICOLAS, John SEAMAN

Asie.Visions 68, May 2014

Dans le secteur des infrastructures énergétiques, et notamment dans l’industrie du nucléaire civil, l’émergence, sur la scène internationale, de nouveaux acteurs toujours plus ambitieux conduit...


Japan is looking for better recognition on the international stage, not only for its economic power but also for its political role. More than 10 years after the end of the cold war, Japan is seeking new partnerships. The European Union is considered as a new valuable partner. Japan and Europe share the same values and face the same challenges concerning development policies, relations with Russia, the United-States and China, and environmental and energetic issues. A common approach toward Africa is emerging between Europe and Japan. Technological innovation and industrial partnerships are also opportunities to strengthen cooperation.

Within the European Union, France remains a key partner, especially at the political and strategic level. France values the deepening of its dialogue with Japan in order to improve mutual understanding and to create a positive environment for private and public cooperation initiatives.

Ifri is a long-standing actor of the dialogue between France and Japan through enduring partnership with high-level Japanese think tanks (JIIA, NIDS). The Centre Asie Ifri proposes to deepen and to broaden the topics of these dialogues by including business concerns. The contribution and support from private actors will allow us to consider broader issues, especially touching on industrial cooperation.

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