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Defense Research Unit (LRD)

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Quelles perspectives pour l'industrie européenne des armements terrestres?

Aude-Emmanuelle FLEURANT, Yannick QUEAU

Focus stratégique, No. 50, March 2014

Over the last decade, the European land armament industry developed into a thriving market driven by growing demand from the BRICS, a new wave of emerging countries and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, the 2008 financial crisis and the...


The Amphibious Endeavour: Tactical Risk, Strategic Influence

Guillaume GARNIER

Focus stratégique No. 46 bis, February 2014

Despite a centuries-long history, amphibious operations were rarely in the spotlight before the Second World War. Meteorological constraints and joint planning challenges both emphasize their risky and complex character. Lessons learned highlight...


Our books

La guerre des hélicoptères. L'avenir de l'aéromobilité et de l'aérocombat


Focus stratégique n° 32, juin 2011


Quel format d'armée pour la France ?

Etienne de DURAND

Politique étrangère, 4/07, Ifri, Paris, 2007


One of the most significant results of the geostrategic changes that have occurred in recent years is the escalation of military interventions around the world. However, despite the intimate linkages between the strategic, political and operational levels within these new types of military interventions, there is a profound lack of debate in France about these important issues.

This is the reason why the Defense Research Unit (LRD in French) was created, to nurture debate about these issues and to bring together civil and military experts into a permanent research unit. LRD is supported financially by IFRI, the French Army and defense industries, it initiates and organises its own research program, the results of which are disseminated widely amongst the defence and security communities.

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