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Towards COP21: The South Korean Perspective
CDC Climat, 47 rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris (Salle Jamming)

Indonesia's New Government and the Country's Role in East Asia
Ifri, Paris

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French Austrian center for European convergence

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La politique climatique et énergétique du gouvernement fédéral allemand. Contribution au dialogue franco-allemand

Camilla BAUSCH, Matthias DUWE et Benjamin GÖRLACH

Note du Cerfa n°114, juillet 2014

  Le tournant énergétique décidé par l’Allemagne est au coeur de sa politique climatique et énergétique, mais détermine aussi l’attitude du gouvernement allemand dans les...


L'avenir européen de la Serbie


Analyse du CFA n°3, décembre 2012

Par sa géographie, par sa culture, par son histoire, la Serbie se situe incontestablement en Europe. Mais elle ne semble se rapprocher de l’Union européenne (UE) qu’à reculons. Comment expliquer cette retenue ? Cette...


The French-Austrian Center for European Convergence (FAC)

The French-Austrian Center for European Convergence (FAC) is a French-Austrian intergovernmental organization, founded following an initiative by then Prime Minister Jacques Chirac and Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky having the objective to develop economic relations between Western and Eastern Europe, and to take part in the construction of a Europe of peace. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the center focused its research interests on the problems of eastern enlargement of the European Union, and integrated in its field of activities countries such as Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic Slovakia, Slovenia, the Baltic States as well as Romania and Bulgaria.

The French-Austrian Center is a forum for the exchange of ideas with the purpose of furthering the dialogue between representatives from the world of politics, the economy, and members of the civil society as well as academics from European member states and candidate countries. The center’s activities primarily deal with economic, political and geopolitical problems of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe : the center’s raison d’être as a space of reflection and dialogue was strengthened by the need of support and assistance of the new member states in the process of integration. Since 2004; the FAC is orienting itself towards the new neighbors of the European Union, in particular towards the Western Balkans, countries imagining their future in a European perspective.

The summaries of all events organized jointly by the IFRI and the FAC are accessible on the web page www.oefz.at.

Both the Austrian and the French government account equally for the budget of the FAC. Depending on the nature of the treated subjects, subsidies by the European Commission and public or private institutions also contribute to the funding of the events. The activities of the CFA are decided by a directorate which elects among its members the president and the secretary general. Thierry de Montbrial, general director of the French Institute for International relations presides the FAC, and Peter Jankowitsch, former foreign minister of Austria and former ambassador, holds the post of the current Secretary General. Hans Stark is in charge – from the French side- to outline the program and to organize the activities.

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