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Study Committee for Franco-German Relations (CERFA)

Our e-notes

Les relations germano-algériennes. Une relance par la coopération énergétique ?

Christoph PARTSCH

Note du Cerfa n°111, avril 2014

Bilateral relations between Germany and Algeria are officially described, by both sides, as good and friendly. Nevertheless, in Germany, errors in assessment of the ‘Arab spring’ led to a lack of interest in Algeria, and still affect...


Le salafisme en Allemagne. Un défi pour la démocratie


Note du Cerfa n°110, mars 2014

Même si les salafistes ne représentent en Allemagne qu’une petite partie de la population musulmane, ils déterminent une grande partie des débats sur l’islam. La majeure partie des salafistes se refuse...


Our books

Les élections fédérales du 22 septembre 2013 : Bilans, analyses, perspectives

Hans STARK et Jerôme VAILLANT (dir.),

Allemagne d'aujourd'hui n° 206 octobre-décembre 2013


The European Council and European Governance. The commanding heights of the EU

Yann-Sven RITTELMEYER, François FORET (dir.)

Routledge, 2013


A study committee at the heart of Franco-German relations for over 50 years 
Created in 1954 by an inter-governmental agreement between the Federal Republic of Germany and France the Study Committee for Franco-German Relations (Cerfa) has been active for over 50 years to harmonise the relationship between France and Germany. The Cerfa formulates political proposals and aims at preserving and strengthening the common capital that these two countries, both considered as “motor” or “locomotive” of the European project, enjoy.

An initiative supported by France and Germany
In the spirit of a joint initiative the Cerfa receives equal financial contributions from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the German Foreign Office. Its Board of directors counts an equal number of French and German personalities.

Its Mission
The Cerfa’s mission is to analyse the principles, conditions and current state of Franco-German relations concerning the political, economic and international sphere. It formulates political propositions and practical suggestions in order to deepen and harmonise the relationship between the two countries.

Its publications
The Cerfa publishes scientific books and policy oriented E-notes on a regular basis:
- The “Notes du Cerfa”: This collection is dedicated to analysing the political, economic and social evolution of contemporary Germany.
- The “Visions franco-allemandes”: This collection focuses on putting forward the different French and German viewpoints on current issues

Conferences and Seminars
In order to promote mutual understanding the Cerfa organises Franco-German meetings and seminars that bring together high-ranking officials, experts, journalists, companies and the general public. It thus stimulates the debate on German, bilateral and European challenges.
Calendar of conferences and seminars

Hans Stark has been Cerfa's Director since 1991 and research fellow at the Ifri since 1989. Yann-Sven Rittelmeyer is research fellow and co-editor of the Cerfa's publications. Nele Wissmann is junior research fellow charged with the "Franco-German network for young elites".


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