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Center for Migrations and Citizenship

Our e-notes

Migration Flows and Policies: India at a Turning Point

Anjali KUMAR

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - October 2014

India hosts millions of economic migrants from neighboring countries, especially Nepal and Bangladesh. It is also a haven for large refugee communities from Tibet or Sri Lanka. In the past years, India’s dynamic economic growth has brought in...


Emerging Markets and Migration Policy : China

Frank N. PIEKE,

Center for Migrations and Citizenship - July 2014

China is known for its large pool of labour force as well as for having the largest diaspora in the world. Nevertheless, China’s economic growth is at the source of a new demographic trend: following a 2010 census, there are more than 1...


Our books

European States and their Muslim Citizens

John R. BOWEN, Christophe BERTOSSI, Jan Willem DUYVENDAK and Mona Lena KROOK (dir.)

Cambridge University Press


National models of integration and the crisis of multiculturalism: a critical comparative perspective

Christophe BERTOSSI, Jan Willem DUYVENDAK,

Patterns of Prejudice, Vol. 46, No. 5, December 2012



The Center for Migrations and Citizenship was created in 2011 at the French Institute of International Relations, as a continuation of the research program "Migrations, Identities, Citizenship", established in 2005.

The new Center is dedicated to the study of migratory flows and migration policies, as well as to issues of citizenship, ethnicity and discriminations within the European context, from an international comparative perspective. Taking migrations as a structuring factor in today's international relations and in the practices of citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world, the CMC intends to contribute to renew thinking on migrations and diversity within international academic research, and to better inform public debates on such complex realities. The Center is a place for the elaboration of innovative research through original fieldwork (i.e. on racial and religious discrimination within hospitals and the military; citizenship practices of dual nationals in their origin countries; categories developed by employers to evaluate migration policies, etc.)

The Center is part of various international research networks and regularly collaborates with academic institutions in Europe (Amsterdam University, Warwick University, WZB, European University Institute in Florence), the US (CUNY, Washington University in St-Louis, Council for European Studies, Social Science Research Council) and Mediterranean countries (American University in Beirut, University Mohammed V in Rabat).

Follow us also on Facebook and TwitterContact us at: migrations@ifri.org

Christophe BERTOSSI Senior Research Fellow, Director of the Center for Migrations and Citizenship

Daniele JOLY Research Fellow

Emma BROUGHTON Research Fellow

Jan Willem DUYVENDAK Associate Research Fellow

Marie BASSI Research Fellow

Imad BOU AKL Associate Research Fellow

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