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Politique africaine de la France : une politique "normale" est-elle possible ?
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L'Europe face au défi des émergents
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Michel BAUD

Cyberwar Will Not Happen, but We Must Be Prepared - Michel BAUD

Politique étrangère, 77, 2, summer 2012


Even if no independent cyberwar has ever taken place, “cyberspace” has nonetheless become an important dimension of current conflicts. States – including France – must be prepared to conduct operations incyberspace. A purely defensive strategy would consist of building a 21st century Maginot Line. However, it is necessary to adopt an offensive approach, much like the Americans or the Japanese.

Michel Baud is an officer in the French Army and is a research fellow at the Laboratoire de recherche sur la défense (LRD), which is part of the Centre des études de sécurité at Ifri.

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