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Hans Stark

France and ESDP

in : Klaus Brummer (ed.), The Big 3 and ESDP. France, Germany and the United Kingdom, European Foreign and Security Policy, N° 5, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Gütersloh, November 2006, pp. 11-21

This article analyses teh contribution of France to the emergence of a European security and defence policy 5ESDP) and the French perception towards its evolution. Hans Stark exposes the specificity of the French position.Since the Maastricht Treaty, France has adapted its security policy to the recent evolutions of NATO. IN the same time, while adopting the model of 'Europe Puissance', in which France would have the leadership, Paris strives to orientate the development of the PESD, whose success depends on the cooperation of both Great-Britain and Germany. Moreover, some French experts, according to their idea of an autonomous PESD, criticise the lack on cohesion on the project, the predominance of NATO over the European defence structures, the absence of a military culture of the EU-members and a dialog about the military role of the PESD. But in spite of the French scepticism towards it, the engagement of Paris in favour of the development of the Europe of defence remains high. 

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