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Studies about Germany

Claire Demesmay et Hans Stark (ed.). Cahiers & conférences 3, 2004, 116 p., 15 €.

Distributed by la Documentation française.

This text is published in French only. Original title: 'Radioscopies de l'Allemagne'.


2003 has been quite eventful for German politics, domestic and foreign. On the economic and social scenes, Gerhard Schröder has been at last more aggressive. While struggling with a lagging economy and a looming demographic challenge, the Chancellor has managed to successfully deliver his 'Agenda 2010'. Even though it was not without difficulties and compromises, this Agenda will set in motion huge reforms concerning the pension system and health care.
Within the E.U., the German government has been very determined on the constitutional issue. Germany, as France, wanted the Union 'governability' after the enlargement to ten new members, even if it entails the postponement of the Constitution's ratification.
Finally, the relations with the United States which had deteriorated during the war preparation against Iraq are now getting better. Without having to concede its initial position, Berlin has shown its goodwill in the management of the aftermath of war, especially by accepting to cancel part of the Iraqi debt.

Have collaborated to this book: Herwig Birg, Claire Demesmay, Hans-Georg Ehrhart, Karl-Heinz Kamp, Cansel Kiziltepe, Camille Logeay, Jürgen Schwarze, Hans Stark, Karsten D. Voigt.

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